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Why Clean Solar Panels – Can It Improve My Systems Efficiency?

For years now, solar companies and renewable energy enthusiasts have been monitoring the increases in efficiency that solar panel cleaning can bring.  With each case study they find that when the panels become dirty due to dirt, bird feces and debris that the panels don’t produce as much power.  Some homeowners and farmers report a loss of 25-30% in energy production.  When a regular cleaning occurs we frequently see sizeable increases of solar efficiency.  This occurs on agricultural sites and homeowners alike.


Areas where there is regular winds and bird populations have reported up to a 30% increase in production by cleaning their panels frequently.  This has been proven by clients who have sent readings to prove solar panel cleaning has increased the output and efficiency of their system.  Operations and Maintenance departments of companies that we have cleaned solar panels for have also reported similar increases in efficiency from regular solar panel cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning With Brish

Why Rainwater Will Not Clean Your Solar Panels

A good way to illustrate why rainwater will not clean solar panels is by looking at your car windows and windshield. If you left your car parked outside on the street and didn’t clean it for 3 months, how much visibility would you lose when you get in and try to see through the windshield or the windows?


If left without cleaning for even longer, the grime on your windows would continue to accumulate until you can’t see through them. Even if the car is rained on, the rain contains airborne dust particles that settle and attach to the surface after the rainwater evaporates. When we use our windshield wipers during the rain, we clean only the center of the windshield, but where the wipers do not reach, there is a film of dirt. The whole of your solar panel is in exactly the same condition as the edge of your car windshield because they are both exposed to the same elements. Visibility through your windows and windshield is lost due to the loss of light. The same principles hold true for solar panel cleaning.


It is very important to maximize the light getting into the solar panel and in turn, increase your panel productivity and financial reward.

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Why Choose Professional Solar Services?

We are one of the most experienced solar panel cleaning companies in Southern California, our whole business is focused on Solar Panels and solar panel cleaning. We have equipped ourselves with professional solar panel cleaning equipment, know how to clean solar panels safely and effectively and have positioned ourselves to offer a high quality professional solar panel cleaning service at a fair rate to keep the large investment you’ve made into solar running smooth and efficient.


We are fully insured specifically for solar panel cleaning and know the do’s and don’ts of cleaning your solar panels safely and effectively.


Pictures of your panels before cleaning and after cleaning will be sent to you

Solar Panel

Before & After

5 Point Solar Check up

We also provide a 5 point solar panel check with each cleaning:

  1. Professional solar panel clean with precautionary measures to protect our operatives from electric shock during cleaning
  2. Inspection of the integrity of the glass of the solar panels – breakages have occurred from bird damage and external sources such as children using the solar panels as target practice for stones and other projectiles.  Golf balls seem to be another favorite!
  3. Check the framework of the solar panels for signs of damage, warping or corrosion
  4. Check the roof fixings are still intact
  5. Check for signs of damage from birds or squirrels.  The underside of solar panels are proving to be very popular nesting sites for pigeons.  The debris that they accumulate for nesting, droppings they create and pecking at the wiring have all been noticed as a growing problem for solar panel owners.

Service Plans

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Up to 20 Panels

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Up to 20 Panels

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2 Times A Year



Up to 20 Panels

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4 Times A Year